Digital Marketing Small Businesses

Digital Marketing The Future Of Marketing  Today’s digital world and digital marketing is a mass deviation from what marketers and business owners were used to, as products and services tend to target more segmented and defined target audiences over time, reaching this continuously segmented and diminishing target market is becoming more challenging through analog marketing techniques(offline). At the height of this hindrance to effective marketing penetration comes the days of digitization. An answer to the marketer’s lifelong prayer, but while the era of digital is here and has been for some time now many marketers, business development strategists, and business owners are still, unfortunately, handicapped because of the fear of this new and unknown media and an inelastic attitude to change and unnecessary attachment to their comfort zone.
Digital is made up of a number of channels including SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Display marketing and website design. Digital is seen as the future and your company /business needs to be considering the digital side of things when you are trying to put your product to market and increase the visibility of your brand.

To use digital, marketers need to embrace change and understand its constant nature. Over the years, change and inelastic reaction to change has put many businesses out of business. Embracing digital requires new methods of thinking and looking at marketing, few years down the line- embracing digital will no longer be a decision for debate it will be a “given” because people are already moving to- and spending more time on digital platforms. Reason why we must embrace digital.

Targeting: digital has the capacity to hit the right people (audience) for your brand, product or service. It also has the tendency to not just meet the right people but also meet them at the right time. Most importantly, the desired target audience is massively migrating to digital platforms.

Word of mouth: the use of networks and word of mouth to spread word about a brand, product or services is more efficient and phenomenal on digital platforms. A marketing strategy now known as viral marketing because online the word (whether right or wrong) just spreads like a virus.

Reach: digital media makes the world a small and global village, it gives small businesses the ability to reach out to, introduce people of diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds to their products/ services and brands. It is also a tool for creating massive brand awareness over a relatively short period.

Evaluation: the massive trace that digital media leaves every time there’s access to a platform or website means there is an opportunity for both qualitative and quantitative analysis and evaluation of digital marketing activities. This gives room for optimization of the tactics for better improvements.

The following properties and the attitudinal change in the way people are using internet technologies and the rate of adoptions all point to the obvious. Digital marketing is growing and the adoption of its many innovative tools means marketers will do more marketing on digital platforms in the future.
Congratulations if you are already involved in digital marketing, if not- there is no time too late to start but the clock is ticking already if you are not on digital platforms, it means your competitors are already gaining on you and no businessman wants that.